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Sennheiser HD600 Studio Monitoring Headphones Review

Sennheiser is a reputable German audio company that produces high-quality products for professional and consumer use. The company’s HD600 studio monitoring headphones continue to be loved by many users from all across the world. It has the same sound quality characteristics and the ergonomic design first seen on the HD650, which have been regarded as “the headphone monitors built for kings”. The main differences between the two are that the HD600 delivers a more direct presentation and is less costly when compared to the HD650.

The first generation of these studio headphones was released all the way back in 1997. While many audiophiles at the time agreed that the sound quality was great, there was a difference of opinion when it came to other features. Almost 20 years later, many users have indicated that the HD600 is an excellent choice. Ideal for both studio monitoring applications and casual listening, these headphones are used by sound engineers, mastering engineers, and audiophiles worldwide.

Features of the Sennheiser HD600 studio monitoring headphones

For studio monitoring headphones that sport an open-air design, the ear cups’ are intentionally left open so that the sound that goes away from the ear does not overshadow any of the sound that is still going into the ear. The same is true for the HD650, except the addition of the black metal mesh ensures that the drivers are not only covered but also protected against any potential damage.

As a product of Sennheiser, one feature people look into is the build quality. And when it comes to the build quality, the HD600 studio monitoring headphones are indeed extraordinary. While some of the previous versions had a minor issue with the contact springs, the new generation has addressed this concern. Sennheiser’s HD600 headphone monitors can last for years, and also feature ear pads that are replaceable should they wear due to usage.

The drivers utilize neodymium magnet systems which drive the voice coils, made of lightweight aluminum, and are also designed to minimize distortion. A 9.8 ft Y-cable connects the drivers which end in the 1/8th inch stereo minijack connection. The brand also offers a phono jack adapter as an option for the headphones, ensuring compatibility with both small MP3 players as well as professional audio equipment.


Whether it’s your first time trying out Sennheiser studio monitoring headphones, or whether you’re already a long- time fan, the bass response is impressive. The impact, detail, depth, and clarity, is something that only a few other studio headphones have managed to match, let alone surpass. The HD600 offers a wide audio spectrum that delivers the bass register all the way through to the high frequencies. For those who have not experienced using headphones of this quality before, they will be amazed at the musical presence and detail being brought forward to a new level.

Despite being one of the best studio monitoring headphones, the HD600 is not particularly over-analytical. What this means is that you get sharp detail on the sound but it never feels laser-etched.

Other Feedback

Like most Sennheiser products, the build quality is superb… Earpads are velour covered and provide ample space for ears of all sizes. The earcup is oval shaped and deep enough to be quite comfortable… Tyll Hertsens, Inner Fidelity

Not every “improved” product turns out to be an improvement, but Sennheiser has kept all of the properties that made the HD-580 among the best of its breed, and in several areas has even managed to better it impressively. If you need to listen through headphones (or if, like me, you’re one of the rare few who enjoys listening through them), then the Sennheiser HD 600s are a must-audition product—even, dare I suggest, a must-own… Wes Phillips, Stereohile

Sennheiser HD600 Studio Monitoring Headphones

Technical Specs

Open/Closed: Open
Frequency Response: 12 –40,500Hz
Impedance: 300 Ohms
Cable length: 9.84”
Weight: 250g (9.2 oz.)

To know more about the Sennheiser HD600, go to Sennheiser’s website


For those who spend a lot of time using studio monitoring headphones, the HD600 presents an excellent choice, both in terms of sound quality and also in terms of value for money.  It is no wonder why this model is considered by many as the standard when it comes to performance open-back headphones—we haven’t found anything to complain about.  A favorite of many master engineers around the world, the HD600 is truly good value for money considering the excellent sound, comfort, and the superb build.

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