Sennheiser HD800 Studio Monitoring Headphones Review

One way to describe the Sennheiser HD800 studio monitoring headphones is that it is one of the most transparent monitoring headphones available. Manufactured by Sennheiser, this German-based company has been in the business of creating and developing products for the audio industry for more than seven decades. Known for its various pioneering products, it was in 1968 when the brand released what would become the first open headphones in the world. This changed the market as it was previously not possible for studio monitoring headphones to reproduce sound so naturally.

Features of the Sennheiser HD800 studio monitoring headphones

The first thing you’ll notice about the HD800 monitoring headphones is how uniquely they have been designed. While some headphones look more like large earpieces, the HD800’s design looks more like an open set of speakers pointing toward your ear. The earpieces are made up of micro-fiber material and inside is covered with a cloth protector that can be removed easily and is hand-washable.

One innovation that the brand has introduced with the HD800 is known as the ring radiator driver which brings with it two significant advantages. The first is that it is designed to lower cone breakup, which is typically what causes distortion especially at high frequencies. The second is that since it is angled towards the ear, it results in better imaging and a more natural speaker-like sound.

The HD 800 studio monitoring headphones have an impedance of 300 Ohms and a wide range of frequency response all the way from 14 Hz up to 44KHz, which is nearly twice the range of normal human hearing.


The HD800 studio monitoring headphones are very comfortable, plus they have a luxurious feeling to them given how easily they fully-encompass the ears. Despite weighing 330 grams, the weight is evenly distributed and the pressure given by the ear pads feels just right.

The HD800s do a great job of sounding as if you are hearing speakers in a room. There are times when you feel as if you are not listening through mixing headphones at all, which is unique amongst other headphones we’ve previously reviewed.

It is in the treble, however, that these studio monitoring headphones really shine. The quality is rich, lively, and clean, even in busy mixes which might impact the highs on lesser headphones. The midrange is nice and detailed and the bass is powerful and deep, making for an overall very-impressive sonic experience.

Other Feedback

No headphone, in my experience, sounds as much like a scientific audio instrument as the HD 800. If you are an audio professional and have an application where using an open headphone is possible, the Sennheiser HD 800 would be my highest recommendation… Tyll Hertsens, Inner Fidelity

Sennheiser HD800 Studio Monitoring Headphones Review

Technical Specs

Open/Closed: Open
Frequency Response: 14 –44,100Hz
Impedance: 300 Ohms
Cable length: 9.8”
Weight: 330g

Sennheiser’s website


The HD800s are truly an exceptional set of studio monitoring headphones that sound more like speakers in a room than headphones. Indeed, among the ultra-high-end headphones on the market, the HD800 is considered to be one of the top. While the HD 800 is indeed an excellent piece of equipment, it may be too expensive for some. However, if you are looking for a something special, then the price may very well be justified.

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9.5 Total Score
Amazing Sound

The HD800s are truly an exceptional set of studio monitoring headphones

  • Unique speaker-in-room like sound
  • Excellent comfort and build quality
  • Price
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