AKG Pro K702 Studio Monitoring Headphones Review

AKG is a brand known in the professional audio industry as one of the best. Ever since its beginnings in 1947, the brand has grown considerably and is well known within the recording industry as being passionate about music and good sound. Despite the company’s success, AKG continues to show innovation, and the AKG Pro 702 studio monitoring headphone is a good example of that. This is a premium open-back headphone that expands on their K701 high-end consumer headphone, and adds some features to make them suitable for professional mix engineers.

Features of the AKG Pro K702 studio monitoring headphones

Those who have had the opportunity to use different monitoring headphones will be surprised by the fact that the K702 is nearly wholly composed of plastic. This doesn’t mean that it feels cheap; the only way to describe its construction is that it’s solid and attractive.

Comfort is a critical requirement when working through long mixing sessions, and the AKG Pro K702 has been designed not to disappoint. The ear cups include an extra-soft velour cushion for comfort with a leather band offering grip. Due to it’s plastic construction, it is light, which helps to reduce fatigue. These monitoring headphones also have AKG’s patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm technology, and when combined with the open-back design, is claimed to provide an airy sound quality.


Describing AKG’s Pro K702 studio monitoring headphones only takes two words; and that is “pure perfection.” With each model tested individually and having distinct serial numbers, AKG strive to ensure that each and every headphone is of the best quality.

When the company first released these monitoring headphones, they claimed that they would have “out-of-the-head imaging.” They deliver on that, and it feels as if sound is not coming from one point, but rather from various points around you. Instruments are well-separated and you will appreciate how each one falls into place.

This headphone is ideal for mixing and mastering since anything that sounds great on the AKG K702s tends to translates well onto other sound systems. The AKG K702 provides excellent acoustic detail and achieves exceptional clarity from its close-tolerance aluminum voice coil diaphragm design. The bass response is also impressive.

One particular issue that some users have complained about is that there is not enough sound insulation. They do tend to bleed a lot of sound out of the headphones, which is not ideal for use by singers when recording vocals as the monitored signal gets picked up by the vocalist’s microphone to some degree. This is a problem with all open-back designs, so the AKG is not unique in this respect.

Just as AKG have intended, these monitoring headphones are indeed comfortable and are well suited to long mix engineering sessions.

Other Feedback

A lot of high-end headphone manufacturers like to portray their designs as “professional” models, but in the case of the AKG K 702 that’s exactly what it is. Sure, the AKG K 702 is an expensive set of headphones, but the sound is near state of the art… Steve Guttenberg, CNET

The K702s are very comfortable. The ear cups are big and the clamping force is low. The headband adjusts the ear cups automatically to fit your head. AKG’s K702 is a very well balanced headphone that delivers admirable smoothness and warmth without obvious artifacts… Tom Martin, Hi-Fi Plus

AKG Pro K702 Studio Monitoring Headphones

Technical Specs

Open/Closed: Open
Frequency Response: 10–39,800Hz
Impedance: 62 Ohms
Cable length: 9.8”
Weight: 235g

To know more about the Pro 702, go to AKG’s website


Overall, what makes the K702 studio monitoring headphones so attractive is just how accurately they reporduce the recorded material. They offer incredible comfort, smooth sound, and exceptional imaging make it an ideal option for the studio professional. As if to prove that it is indeed geared towards professional studio applications rather than personal use, the Pro K702 is priced at $439. You can certainly pay less for a set of headphones, however their overall performance is hard to beat.

Do you already have the AKG Pro K702? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

9.5 Total Score
Premium Performance

The AKG K702 studio monitoring headphones ticks all the boxes for the studio professional

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent Audio
  • Wide Soundstage
  • Isolation not as good as closed-back designs
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