About Us

StudioMonitoringHeadphones.com is a site that is devoted to all things that relate to headphone monitoring in the recording studio.  As musicians, we use headphones including some of the products listed on our site while we mix and produce our own music.  We endeavour to provide well researched reviews about quality products that we feel passionate about.

Our site is funded as we act as affiliate for online shops.  When you purchase through a link we’ve provided, we make a small commission on the sale.  This isn’t a lot of money, but it helps us to fund our passion including reviewing some of the best products on the market today.  You may also notice that we don’t review garbage products; all products listed on our site are quality, and the online shops we link to are renown for being dependable, providing full manufacturer’s warranties, and for their great customer service.  We hope that you have a great experience when you visit our site or make a purchase through one of our suggestions.

Also, if you’re a product manufacturer and think that your product would be a good fit for us, please feel free to get in touch.